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miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

Nowadays, most common information leaks occur through unseen channels such as metadata and unseen document information. Through these externally shared documents it is possible to obtain critical data from an organization that can allow an attacker to fingerprint its assets and computer network. The consequences of this leak may have economic impact and the organization reputation can be seriously harmed. Metashield is our bet to solve this.

Metashield Protector lets you configure a security policy of metadata in the documents you are serving outside your organization. It provides a holistic solution to control the information leaks through its product portfolio.

We have uploaded some Video tutorials to Youtube, with English subtitles, to make it clear how easy to install and use they are. We have different videos for different solutions.

Metashield for IIS 

Server based solution for sanitizing documents on the fly as they are served to users by Microsoft IIS web server. It deletes or replaces documents metadata on the fly, offering a normalized public image of the organization.

Metashield for File Server

Sanitizes documents hosted on file servers (FTP servers, etc.), automatically deleting their metadata and hidden information and optionally replacing it with the desired one.

Metashield Forensics

Do you suspect you have a compromised system due to unauthorized access to internal files and need a forensic analysis? MetaShield Forensics extracts digital and time-stamped evidences available in metadata for a later forensic analysis.

Metashield for SharePoint

Cleans data served by Microsoft SharePoint Servers. If your company provides ECM (Enterprise Content Management) services based on SharePoint this server based solution helps you prevent inadvertent information leak.

Metashield for Client

Professional solution for workstations. It allows to remove metadata from files, just right clicking on them. Ideal to clean files before sharing them with someone else.

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